About Swami Vivekananda

A Kammanahalli St. Mary’s Educational Society Institution


Approved by KNC, INC & PCI, New Delhi | Affiliated to RGUHS & KSDNEB, Bangalore | Recognized by Government of Karnataka

We are a highly ranked Nursing College situated in the heart of Bangalore. We’re a challenging, relationship-rich College with an engaging faculty that encourages students to achieve personal fulfilment and professional success through an advanced and evidence driven educational system.

Established in the year 1992, this is a place where you’ll grow into a well-rounded person ready to stand out and thrive in Nursing Career. Our approachable and talented faculty provides a personalized coaching and guiding each of our students personally toward academic and professional goals. With over 28 years of experience in the health care education system, the College has created a hallmark in the Nursing Education and succeeded through it is student-centric learning approach and vibrant campus which provides quality of education in both hypothesis and realistic scenarios. Through our quality education system, each of our students acquire vital skills & competencies required to be successful Nursing Professionals and health care leaders

What makes St. Mary’s UNIQUE?



Dedicated exclusively for educating & preparing students for diversified opportunities offered by careers in nursing and other health care fields.


To prepare excellent health care providers and leaders to transform the lives of persons and communities through innovative education and health care.


To promote and strengthen the nursing skill for better competence in the health care profession and enable each of our students to get job opportunities for economically better position at national & international level.


WHEN YOU SUCCEED, WE SUCCEED: Our goal is to help you find your rewarding career by providing high-quality, specialized career preparation or enhancement that can lead to employment and career success.
ACCELERATED LEARNING: Looking to elevate your career or pivot into a new one? Our accelerated hands-on training will prepare you for an exciting career. Learn from real-world expert instructors in our students-first atmosphere.
CREATING OPPORTUNITIES: We aim to create lifelong career opportunities for our students. Our curriculum is designed to maximize opportunities for students and provide career support in growing fields.
MASTERING THE ART: Our students master in clinical practise at the our Own Multispecialty Hospital under the supervision and guidance of our talented Health care professionals.


INTEGRITY: We embraces integrity as a central value in all aspects of its engagement & it emerges from committed, continuing and rigorous evaluation of our policies, procedures and processes.
DIVERSITY: We cultivate a climate of acceptance, mutual respect and appreciation of unique differences across the human spectrum.
CREATIVITY: We provide an intellectual environment where students and faculty will take ownership for and responsibility to excel in academic inquiry, creativity, interdisciplinary collaboration and professional growth.
ACCOUNTABILITY: Each member of the our Community, on an ongoing basis, will reassess their effectiveness, identify challenges, create a plan to meet the challenges and improve decision-making and institutional effectiveness.